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a new job and a new career

Losing your job can be a new and unpredictable situation.

Regardless of how much you prepare for the changes that the world around you continuously brings, for most people it is a different and emotional situation when the job you hold suddenly disappears - even if you may have chosen to move on yourself.

Still, it is often a rewarding and really exciting process to start looking at yourself and your skills with new eyes and find new ways to use yourself. 

A Career Coaching or Outplacement program is always individual and starts from your current situation when you need to find a new job. 


The program gives you insight into where you can contribute with your skills in the future in a new organization or company and supports you through the job search phase for the next position.


I have coached and advised over 6000 Career and Outplacement programs, and have thus helped a great lot of people to get a new job and/or a new career in the vast majority of the large companies in Denmark.


To be sure that I can help you, I will have a telephone meeting with you before agreeing to start sessions or a program. 


If you have any questions about Career Coaching and Outplacement sessions, you are very welcome to contact me.

Scheel Copenhagen 

9000+ career coaching sessions
90+  group progress
1500+  courses & workshops

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