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My mission is to help as many organizations and companies as possible to offer their managers and employees coaching and developing sessions with a focus on their career, dreams, development and well-being.

Based on the many counseling and coaching sessions, I have learned how great the need is for the individual person to develop personally in connection with their job and their career.

Knowing yourself and how you can contribute with your talent and resources, without compromising on your need to develop as a person, and to live the life you want in general, has become an important element for the vast majority of people Today.


I am therefore specialized in teaching coaching and career, so that even more people in the workplace can benefit from the special approach for personal insight that the coaching conversation provides, and to prevent dissatisfaction and stress.



Lack of knowledge is a lack of power - that's why sharing is a must!




I primarily teach HR consultants to hold career coaching interviews internally in both private companies and the public sector.

Part of the teaching is also about how the company can create a Career Trend or a 'Career universe' from which HR can offer managers and employees the professional, targeted and constructive coaching conversations. In my concept, I work with modern methods and personality-developing, validated tools. 

Coaching has become a widespread and used tool, and I see a big difference between Life Coaching and Career Coaching. 

I have therefore written the e-book 'Successful Career Coaching', which focuses on how to help people further in their job and career. 


My company, scheel copenhagen, is a Coaching Studio, where I constantly seek development and new learning. I have traveled a lot and have always been curious to learn about different cultures. It has given me an inspiring foundation on which to carry out my practice.


Through scheel copenhagen I work as an associate partner with selected consultants and organisations, and with over 9000 coaching and counseling sessions and more than 1000 courses in coaching and career development, I have helped many people to overcome changes in their working life, also in terms of a new job and a new career.

To use your knowledge is to show your Power 

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