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This is Scheel Copenhagen. Founded by Barbara Scheel, specialized in coaching and career in a wide range of projects. From the private to the public sectors, from corporates to SMBs.

experience so far

9000+  career coaching course
90+  group progress
1500+  courses & workshops





MEd, Master in Adult Learning & Human Resource Development & Competences, Aarhus University

The Career Model, Decision Dynamics – CfL Center for Management


Decision Styles, Decision Dynamics - CfL Center for Leadership 


LEA Leadership Equity Assessment, CfL Center for Leadership


Management training, Prolog / CfL Center for Management 


PBP, The Personal Business Plan TM v. Bryuant-Langer


JTI - Jungian Typology - CfL Center for Leadership


Element B, The Human Element - CfL Center for Leadership


BTB Contribution to evaluation, CfL Center for Management 


OTS Presentation for interview, CfL Center for Management


Family therapist / Aalborg Systemic Family Therapy Education Center


Psychotherapist  and Coach/ Psychotherapeutic Center v. Bülow & Røschke


Stress consultant - certified in Psychiatric First Aid by the Psykiatrifonden & Trygfonden


Biopath / Scandinavian Biopathic Society - Eastern philosophy of life

MIND & SPIRIT MENTOR v. Susanne Wexøe - Mindfulness


META-SUNDHED v. Lars Mygind - Stress release


TFT Thought field therapy v. Lars Mygind - Stress release

Theory-U - Course, Folkeuniversitetet


Mindfulness - Course, Folkeuniversitetet

'Be in charge of your energy' v. Brian Nielsson

Future sense v. Anne Skare and Henrik Good​ Hovgaard


SCHEEL CPH  / scheel copenhagen

Wise Consulting / WISE GROUP

CFL, Center For Leadership



Genux Executive

The Consulting House ballisager 

Rudersdal Municipality's INITIATEK

Job Vision

Scandinavian Biopathic Society

Author of the book 'Successful Career Coaching'

Author for the magazines Ascension and Outplacement Supply in collaboration. m consultant Jesper Møller

Confidentiality in all collaborations/GDPR

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There is no doubt that my course has had a fantastic meaning for me personally and my outlook on my career. 
I am incredibly happy that you have managed to discuss what was now relevant to me and my development at a given time. I can only give the warmest recommendations for your work and your approach to people in general.


Nicolai / CEO

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